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Does matter exist only in solid?

No, matter can be in any of four phases: solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Note: when in the plasma phase matter is highly ionized and loses the properties it had it the other three phases, taking on new very strange… Full Answer

What are 5 state of matter?

Type your answer here...It's more like 15, but heres the main few: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, quark-gluon plasma, fermionic condensate, degenerate matter, strongly symmetric matter, weakly symmetric matter, strange matter, neutronium, sub-newtonian matter, and Bose Einstein condensate. Full Answer

What are the names of all 24 states of matter?

States of matter are identified by heat capacity, pressure and temperature. They are Solid, Amorphous Solid, Crystalline Solid, Plastic Crystal, Liquid, Liquid Crystal, Disordered Hyperuniformity, Plasma, Gas, Dropleton, Supercritical Fluid, String-net Liquid, Quantum Spin Liquid, Supersolid, Degenerate Matter, Electron Degenerate… Full Answer