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Is it students work or student's work?

students work = The students work hard. (multiple students) student's work = The student's work deserved an A. (one student) students' work = The students' work was the highlight of the presentation. (belonging to multiple students)

Do students have hair?

Of course they do. Students are "people" too ... they are not another form of the human race. Eventually the students will no longer be students ... they are no different from you or anyone else.

How many schools are there in Minnesota?

I can partially answer your question: Minnesota Public School Statistics Minnesota Public Schools:2,637Number of Students:842,854Minnesota Elementary Schools:1,046Minnesota Middle Schools:291Minnesota High Schools:699Number of Male Students:434,396Number of Female Students:408,458Asian-Pacific Islander Students:45,178American Indian-Alaskan Students:17,641Black Students:65,488Hispanic Students:38,643White Students:675,904