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What does SSS mean in the medical field?

Here are the answers from Wikipedia: Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, or Irlens syndrome, a visual disorder Sensation-Seeking Scale, Zuckerman's Sensation-Seeking Scale Sick sinus syndrome, an abnormality of heart rhythm Subclavian steal syndrome, a medical condition arising from reversed blood flow Superior… Full Answer

Where are the subclavian arteries?

As indicated by the name, subclavian, these arteries are located beneath the clavicles. On the right, the subclavian artery arises from the brachiocephalic artery and extends to the axillary artery. The left subclavian artery arises from the aorta distal to… Full Answer

What does the subclavian artery do?

The subclavian artery is paired major arteries of the upper thorax (chest), below the clavicle (collar bone) in human anatomy. They receive blood from the aortic arch. The left subclavian artery supplies blood to the left arm and the right… Full Answer

What is subclarian?

The subclavian arteries (left and right) are branches of the aorta supplying both the left and right arms respectively. The left subclavian artery stems directly from the Aorta The right subclavian artery is a branch of the brachiocephalic artery when… Full Answer