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Fire salamander's scientific classification?

Superdomain Biota Domain Eukaryota Kingdom Animalia Subkingdom Bilateria Branch Deuterostomia Infrakingdom Chordonia Phylum Chordata Subphylum Vertebrata Infraphylum Gnathostomata Superclass Tetrapoda Class Amphibia Subclass Lissamphibia Order Caudata Family Salamandridae Subfamily Salamandrinae Genus Salamandra Species Salamandra salamandra # Subspecies Salamandra salamandra alfredschmidti… Full Answer

What is the genus and species names for a warthog?

Species Phacochoerus africanus (warthogs, common warthogs) # Subspecies Phacochoerus africanus africanus (Nolan warthog). # Subspecies Phacochoerus africanus aeliani (Eritrean warthog). # Subspecies Phacochoerus africanus massaicus (Central African warthog). # Subspecies Phacochoerus africanus sundevallii (Southern warthog). Species Phacochoerus aethiopicus (desert warthogs)… Full Answer

What is subspecies give example?

A dog is a species, subspecies would be a Labrador or Poodle or whatever other variant of a dog in this case. An Elephant is a species, subspecies would be the African elephant and the Indian elephant in this case.