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What 4 letter words contain dd?

Redd (to put in order), rudd (a freshwater fish) and sudd (a floating mass of vegetation) are valid scrabble words. Additional words include adds and odds.

What rhymes with spud?

blood, bud, budd, budde, crud, cudd, dud, dudd, flood, flud, fludd, hud, judd, mud, mudd, nudd, rud, rudd, scud, stud, sudd, thud, uhde

How big is the Sudd in Sudan?

According to the information i found its size is highly variable, averaging over 30,000 square kilometers. During the wet season it may extend to over 130,000 kmĀ², depending on the inflowing waters, with the discharge from Lake Victoria being the… Full Answer

What was the journey of the nile?

The Nile has three main tributaries- the white Nile, the blue Nile and the atbara. From the lakes of east central Africa, the white Nile journeys through the sudd, a huge wetland of southern Sudan. It is estimated that half… Full Answer

What words can you make using S T U D D G B?

2-letter words us, ut 3-letter words bud, bug, bus, but, dub, dud, dug, gut, sub, tub, tug, uts 4-letter words buds, bugs, bust, buts, dubs, duds, dugs, dust, gust, guts, stub, stud, sudd, tubs, tugs 29 words found.

What word begins with Su and ends with d?

subbed subcultured subdued suberised subhead subjected subjectivist subjoined sublicensed submitted subpenaed subproduct subsampled subsided subsidised subscriped subsudises subsidized subsisted substantivized subtend subtended subthreshold subtilized subtotalled subtotaled subtrend suburbed subvened suburban suburbanised subverted succored succussed succoured succored succumbing sucked suckered suckled… Full Answer