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Compositions with the viola in it?

Hi! I'm a viola player too... If you're looking for compositions in which the viola is the solo player for a concerto there are plenty: 1) Bartok Viola Concerto for Viola and Orchestra (very difficult, but exciting!) 2) Viola Concerto… Full Answer

What type of music has 3 sections?

I'm guessing you may be asking about a Concerto, which is a musical piece that typically has three separate movements. It's also sometimes referred to as a suite, but a suite doesn't necessarily consist of three movements. Full Answer

What doe suite mean?

A suite is a collection of items that complement each other and/or act together, e.g., a suite of musical compositions, a suite of rooms, a suite of furniture. Full Answer

Analyze capriol suite for strings?

The Capriol Suite was based on a group of Renaissance dances known as "Orchesographie." The piece was written for a piano duet. The suite consists of six movements. They are Basse-Dance, Pavane, Tordion, Bansles, Pieds-en Lair, and Mattachins. Full Answer