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Is the RT-20 the most powerful sniper rifle?

The RT-20 and Denel NTW 20x110 both utilise a 20x110mm cannon cartridge. They are the most powerful sniper rifles currently seeing military service, surpassing both the 14.5x115 sniper rifles, and especially surpassing the 12.7mm sniping rifles (such as the Barrett… Full Answer

Vision of lamborghini?

Lamborghini has a vision of becoming the top industry of its kind, they are also planing on surpassing bugatti and ferrari to become the best in supercar manufactory Full Answer

What is transcedental?

transcendental adj 1. transcendent, superior, or surpassing 2. (in the philosophy of Kant) (of a judgment or logical deduction) being both synthetic and a priori, of or relating to knowledge of the presuppositions of thought 3. philosophy, beyond our experience… Full Answer