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What kind of candy did people eat in the 1960s?

Here are some: Big HunkBoston Baked BeansBubble Gum CigarettesCandy ButtonsCandy CigarettesCinnamon ToothpicksGold Mine GumGood and PlentyWax LipsAtomic FireballsNecco WafersNow and LatersTootsie Roll MidgeesRock Candy Crystal StickLicorice PipeSour PopsRoot Beer BarrelsSalt Water TaffyPearsons Salted Nut RollSlap Stix Caramel PopLaffy TaffyLemon HeadsSweetartsZotz100… Full Answer

What is the best candy?

1. Well my favorite would be Reese's PB cups, twix bar, milk duds, and sour patch kids. I would recommend Reese's PB cups if you like milk chocolate and peanut butter. I would recommend a twix bar and milk duds… Full Answer

Nick Jonas Facts?

Birthday: September 16th, 1992 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas Height: 5' 9" Current Age: 17 Hobbies: Music, song writing, baseball, collecting baseball cards, golf, tennis Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Food: Steak Favorite Sandwhich: Italian Hero Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheese Favorite Drink: Diet… Full Answer

What brands does Nestle own?

Cereals Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia) Cini Minis Honey Nut Cheerios (outside US, Canada and Australia) Oat Cheerios Cookie Crisp Crunch (Cereal) Fitnesse Force Flakes Chocapic Gold Flakes Golden Grahams Golden Nuggets Golden Morn (Nigeria) Honey… Full Answer