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What are the areas of biology?

Biology has many different branches like: zoology-study of animals anatomy-study of internal organs ornitology-study of birds genetics-study of genes toxonomy-study classifications of animals botany-study of plant life histology-study of tissues microbiology-study of microorganisms cytology-study of cells astrobiology-study a certain microorganisms… Full Answer

Mention 25 branches of biology?

zoology-study of animals Botany- study of plantsMycology-study of fungibiochemistry-study of chemicalstaxonomy- study of classificationornithology- study of birdsmicrobiology-study of micro organismsphysiology-study of functionscytology-study of cellsphycology-study of algaeanatomy- study of structureecology-study of ecosystemmammalogy-study of reptilesichthyology- study of fishescryobiology- study of the lowering… Full Answer

Give 10 branches of biological science and meaning?

There are ten branches of biological science. They are as follows: Anatomy and Physiology- the study of form and function, zoology- study of animals, invertebrate zoology- study of invertebrates, vertebrate zoology- study of vertebrates, botany- study of plants, microbiology- the… Full Answer

Define the classic branches of biology?

The classic branches of biology include anatomy which is the study of the internal structures of living organisms. Cytology is the study of cells and their functions. Embryology is the study of early life. Ecology is the study of organisms… Full Answer