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What Academy Awards did Chicago win?

Chicago won the following six Academy Awards: * Best Picture: Martin Richards, Producer * Best Supporting Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones * Best Art Direction-Set Decoration: John Myhre - Art Director; Gordon Sim - Set Decorator * Best Costume Design: Colleen Atwood… Full Answer

Who won an Oscar for Chicago?

Catherine Zeta-Jones won Best Actress in a Supporting Role John Myhre (art director) and Gordon Sim (set decorator) won Best Art Direction-Set Decoration Colleen Atwood won Best Costume Design Martin Walsh won Best Editing Martin Richards won Best Picture Michael… Full Answer

How many Oscars did Chicago win?

Six: Best Picture, Supporting Actress (Catherine Zeta-Jones), Editing, Art Direction, Costume Design and Sound. "Chicago" won six 2002 Academy Awards in 13 nominations (Oscar wins in bold): Best Picture (Martin Richards, producer). Best Director (Rob Marshall). Best Actress (Renee Zellweger)… Full Answer