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What day does Chiat day fall on?

Chiat Day is an advertising agency located in Venice, California, 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. Chiat Day merged with TBWA in 1995 to become the American Division of TBWA Worldwide.

Best online Pokemon game?

If searching online games, mmo kinds - then the best you can find is It has multilingual chiat, all megas, all gen pokemons and even fake megas :) Register --

How do you say 'Happy Easter' in Chinese?

Cantonese = 復活節快樂 (fuhkwuhtjit faailohk) Mandarin = 復活節快樂 [复活节快乐] (fùhuójié kuàilè) Taiwanese = 復活節快樂 (ho̍k-o̍ah-chat/chiat khòai-lo̍k)

What are all the Holidays?

newyear's, groundhog day, valentine's day, president's day, flag day, st.Patrick's day, April fool's day, Easter, earth day, cinco de mayo, mother's day, memorial day, father's day, indepence day, labor day, grandparent's day, Halloween, thankgiving, pearl harbor day, Hanukkah, Christmas,fouth of… Full Answer

What are Japan's major holidays?

Public holidays in Japan are New Years Day, Coming of Age Day, National Foundation Day, Showda Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, Children's Day, Marine Day, Mountain Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Autumn Equinox Day, Health Sports Day, Culture… Full Answer

What is typical day?

a typical day is a day ..that would be good for your self meaning everyone has a typical day what they do from the beginning of the day to the end of the day what is your typical day?