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Can a bad alternator be the reason a 1995 Eclipse will not start even with a new battery?

It could be the starter. The alternator only charges a battery. It could be a bad ECU, if you don't see "check engine" light up when ignition is turned to "ON" position, then ( Full Answer )
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Is there a voltage regulator in a 1975 cadillac sedan deville The battery is new but won't charge The alternator is in good condition and looks like new Could it be a bad alternator?

Answer . The voltage regulator is built into the alternator. If you have used your vehicle to jump start another vehicle, even if it is the first time your auto has been st ( Full Answer )
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Drinking wine is good or bad?

These are a few benefits (Advantages) I found good aboutdrinking red wine: 1. Reduces Heart disease: Drinking wine cuts down the risk of coronary heart disease whichcan lead ( Full Answer )
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What makes a brand new one week old alternator go bad?

If your battery is not fully functioning and needs to be replaced,it can make the alternator work harder. This could cause a brandnew alternator to go bad. Check your battery, ( Full Answer )
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What are some good new unknown rock and alternative bands?

New ? I'm not quite sure about that , but here are a few good alt bands : tickle me pink . go listen to madeline . amazing song . the academy is... , about a girl is around ( Full Answer )
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How can a new alternator go bad from a front end collision?

you are exerting lots of forward G-forces in any collision. The alternator has extremely small tolerances in the air gaps and friction the brushes make. Jarring the car in any ( Full Answer )
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Will a bad alternator drain a new battery?

Yes, it sure will. The alternator's purpose is to replenish the battery. The alternator may either drain a battery while sitting if the diodes in the rectifier leak curren ( Full Answer )
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Was the new deal good or bad?

The new deal brought many elderly, umemployed, and homeless alot of attention. These people suffered from alot during The Great Depression and the new deal DID help them.
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Is it bad or good to have a new mall?

Well it could both be good or bad. First of all many teenagers could get a job there. second of all there wouldn't be as much pollution as before with cars because you could j ( Full Answer )
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What are the good and bad points of living in New York City?

NEW YORK CITY Good: Lots on offer: restaurants, cinemas, shopping (Macy Bloomingdale's), beaches, theatre, art music & dance (museums & exhibitions), sport such as soccer b ( Full Answer )
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Will a bad battery ruin a new alternator?

Yes, it can. A completely dead battery can blow the alternator diodes, at least in older systems - I am not so certain about newer systems, whether or not they are protected a ( Full Answer )
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Does new york have good or bad land?

I guess you can say it's good. Really, it depends on where you go - if you go to the "hard" streets of New York.. you may be surprised of what you see.
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Was the closure of the monasteries good or bad for England?

I suppose it was bad, i mean, they didn't have anywhere to pray or where they can be read to by the monks reading the bible. Henry didn't exactly think when he decided to clos ( Full Answer )
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Could a bad alternator cause a new battery to die?

Yes, it can over or undercharge the battery. If i is overcharging it can ruin the battery. If it is under charging the battery will just run down. Check the voltage at the bat ( Full Answer )
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Are jarring news good or bad?

Good news can be as jarring as bad news. In the sense intended, to jar means " to startle or unsettle, to shock."
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What are the good or bad effects of natural fruit sugars versus refined white sygar?

From my brief understanding: fruit sugar Pros - Less cal per serving, some small, practically negligible amount of nutrition, doesn't impact blood glucose levels as severely ( Full Answer )
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How do know if the starter is bad versus the alternator?

First, I'm not a mechanic, my information is accurate so far as I know but I could be wrong. I will assume you realize that these two devices (alternator & starter) are not ( Full Answer )
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Is cork a good or bad conductor?

Cork should be a poor conductor. Cork is a lite wood like, low density material. Often used to insulate heat, which is a clue. Things that are not good conductors of heat are ( Full Answer )
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How did Jesus turn bad news into good news?

Jesus Christ was God born of man. Before His sacrafice on the cross, all humans were destined to reside in hell with Satan and his fallen angels, due to the original sin of Ev ( Full Answer )
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Who can tell you good and bad news?

Depens on who the news about. Sometimes family members can tell you, other times teachers if you're doing bad and good; they csn praise you. Friends can too if it's about your ( Full Answer )
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What are some good wine stores in the New York area?

There are many good wine shops in the New York are, but the best may be based on personal preference. For value, many local wine shops will order your personal favorite wine, ( Full Answer )
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Is wine good or bad for arthritis?

Some people claim it has an effect. however there has been no definite evidence brought forward to substantiate this. there are over a hundred different forms of arthritis and ( Full Answer )
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Is New Age Good or Bad?

Too disorganized at this point to be either one-they are still lostbut at least trying