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What has the author John E Bates written?

John E. Bates has written: 'Temperament' -- subject(s): Behavior, Individual differences in children, Individuality, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Temperament, Physiological aspects of Temperament in children, Physiology, Temperament, Temperament in children

What is the temperament of a red nose pit?

The temperament of a red nose pit will vary from dog to dog. Much of the dog's temperament depends on how it is raised. A pit bull that is well socialized, and well trained will have a good temperament.

What is nervous temperament?

A nervous temperament can be of a nervous person who is constantly anxious or represent a sub-group of temperament of the ancient Greek Medicine, such as the melancholic, sanguine and choleric.

What is a Bluenose Pitbulls temperment?

Pitbulls have the most stable temperament as shown in test against other breeds. Basically bluenose is the same trait as it comes to this. So its temperament is the temperament the owner has.