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Grand Divisions of Tennessee?

The Tennessee constitution defines the "Grand Divisions" of Tennessee as East Tennessee, Central Tennessee and West Tennessee. The three stars in the Tennessee flag represent the three Grand Divisions of the state. The blue circle around the stars represents the… Full Answer

What caused Tennessee to be a state?

The Tennessee frontier was part of North Carolina. The settlers in Tennessee felt that North Carolina could not govern the region. Therefore the settlers wanted Tennessee to become a state. That also would help the settlers defend themselves from the… Full Answer

Tennessee state song?

There is actually 5 state songs: "My homeland Tennessee," "When It's Iris Time in Tennessee," "My Tennessee," "The Tennessee Waltz," Rocky Top," "Tennessee," and "The Pride of Tennessee." Full Answer

What has the author Lewis L Laska written?

Lewis L. Laska has written: 'The Tennessee state Constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional law, Constitutions 'Guidebook for state of Tennessee employees' job-related injuries' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Tennessee, Tennessee. Board of Claims, Workers' compensation 'Tennessee personal injury verdicts and settlements… Full Answer