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What is a physics amount?

Physics has its own vocabulary. One measurement in physics is the Dyne. Physics also deals with vectors, tension and torque. Common to other sciences, physics uses the standard metric measures of grams, liters and meters. Full Answer

What physics concepts are in catapults?

The physics concepts associated with catapults are related to different forms of stored energy or potential energy, including torsion, tension, and gravity. In medieval times, catapults were utilized like giant slingshots and consisted of mechanisms like ropes or springs that… Full Answer

What types of forces are there in physics?

There are at least four types of forces in physics. They include applied force, gravitational force, normal force, and frictional force. Other types of force can also include spring force, tension force, and air resistance force. Full Answer

What are 15 fields of physical science?

Astrophysics, theoretical physics, experimental physics, nuclear physics, particle physics, computational physics, plasma physics, bio physics, quantum physics, classical physics, thermodynamics, acoustics, rheology, string theory, and fluid mechanics Full Answer

How is math used in tennis?

Math and physics go with tennis and most other sports, because of the geometric angles used, along with calculations of wind speeds, type of court surface, environment, ball pressure, string tension, et al. While a player may not explicitly use… Full Answer

Importance of physics in our society?

Physics is extremely important in our society. We use physics in everyday life. The water in our sinks is because of physics and the laws of physics. All modes of transport are the principles of physics. Everything in society is… Full Answer

What are some examples of tension?

Nervous tension: "The tension from waiting for the jury to give its verdict was giving me a headache."Physical tension: "If you overtighten the guitar string, the tension will be so great the string will snap." Full Answer