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Where did the surname Ng originate?

China. It is a Chinese surname used in several dialect groups. A person of Cantonese origin might have the surname Ng and it translates to Wu (吴)in Mandarin. This applies especially to people from Hong Kong. On the other hand… Full Answer

How do you say wolf in Chinese?

That depends on which dialect you're asking for. Here's an exampl in four of the most commonly spoken Chinese dialects: In Mandarin it's "hǎng" (short "a" sound) In Cantonese it's "long"In Teochew and Hokkien it's "lǎng" Wolf in general is… Full Answer

Which countries speak Chinese other than china?

Mainland ChinaHong KongMacauTaiwanSingapore And other regions with Chinese immigrant communitiescommunitiesThis answer applies only if you are talking about all dialects of chinese:1. Mandarin2. Jin3. Huizhou4. Wu5. Hunanese6. Jiangxinese7. Hakka8. Yue9. Pinghua10. Shaojiang11. Northern Min12. Eastern Min13. Central Min14. Pu Xian15… Full Answer