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What has the author Umberto Broccoli written?

Umberto Broccoli has written: 'Cronache militari e marittime del Golfo di Napoli e delle isole pontine durante il decennio francese - 1806-15 -' -- subject- s -: History 'Terracina, Museo e raccolte civiche' -- subject- s -: Antiquities, Catalogs, Museo… Full Answer

Was St. Thomas Aquinas a martyr?

No, he was not a martyr. He died on March 7, 1274 at Fossanuova near Terracina, Italy, of apparent natural causes. His death at a relatively young age (49) was probably due to pushing himself too hard to continue his… Full Answer

What saint is celebrated on February 10?

The following saints are memorialized on February 10: Alexander of Lugo Alojzije Stepinac Amantius the Soldier Andrew of Bethlehem Aponius of Bethlehem Austrebertha of Pavilly Baldegundis Baptus of Magnesia Catherine du Verdier de la Sorinière Charalampias Clare Agolanti of Rimini… Full Answer