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What can terriermon do?

Terriermon, from the movie, can only do Bunny Blast which is an attack that involves a green blast of energy from his mouth. And he can also use Terrier Tornado, which, I don't know what does. But I do know… Full Answer

Who is willis in Digimon?

Terriermon and Kokomon (can de-digivolve back to Lopmon) Kokomon had a virus and in the movie Kokomon wanted to tell Willis to defeat the virus, but the virus was hurting him too much to explain. But when Willis and Davis… Full Answer

How many tamers are there in Digimon tamers?

There are 11 Tamers in "Digimon Tamers" since there's Takato that tames Takato, Rika that tames Renamon, Henry that tames Terriermon, Susie that tames Lopmon, Jeri that tames Leomon, Ryo that tames Cyberdramon, Kazu that tames Guardromon, Kenta that tames… Full Answer

What are some Digimon names?

Digimon names would include names such as Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, WarGreymon, Gabumon, Garurumon, WereGarurumon, MetalGarurumon, Omnimon, Patamon, Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon, Salamon, Gatomon, Angewomon, Magnadramon, Biyomon, Birdramon, Garudamon, Palmon, Togemon, Lilllymon, Gomamon, Ikkakumon, Zudomon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, MegaKabuterimon, Veemon, ExVeemon, Wormmon, Stingmon… Full Answer

You are the main characters in Digimon?

Which Season? Here are the names, season they belong to, and partner. Digimon Adventure Taichi "Tai" Kamiya (Or Yagami in Japanese version) - Agumon Sora Takenouchi - Biyomon Yamato "Matt" Ishida - Gabumon Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi - Tentomon Mimi Tachikawa… Full Answer

Digimon World Dawn DNA digivolve list?

Here's a DNA list of all the DNA digimon AeroVeedramon - Airdramon + Tyrannomon (Lv30+, Dragon EXP3700+, Attack 220+) Alphamon - Magna Angemon + DoruGremon - Magnamon + DoruGremon - MagnaAngemon + Magnamon (Lv61+, Holy EXP45000+, Spirit 400+) AlturKabuterimonBlue… Full Answer

Who have a List of all obtainable Digimon in Digimon World ds?

Agumon Airdramon Akatorimon Andromon Angemon Angewomon Ankylomon Antylamon Apemon Aquilamon Armadillomon Arukenimon Aruraumon Babamon Bakemon BanchoLeomon Bearmon(Called Kumamon) Beelzemon Betamon Birdramon Biyomon BlackAgumon BlackImperialdramon BlackMegaGargomon BlackRapidmon BlackWarGreymon BlackWarGrowlmon Blossomon Calumon Cannondramon ChaosGallantmon Cherubimon (both versions) Chibomon Chronomon Holy Mode Chrysalimon… Full Answer

What are the cheat codes for Digimon world championships?

I'm Sorry but there are no cheat codes for that game. But here is a walk through for it to help you out hopefully. Digimon world Championship ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Table of contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Beggining 2. Capture digimon 3. Taking care… Full Answer