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What is a turkey Kramer test?

I think you mean a Tukey-Kramer test. The spelling is important. The answer to "What is a Tukey-Kramer test" can be found on Wikipedia. Briefly, after you have applied an analysis of variance, it is a method of dissecting the… Full Answer

What is the variance used for?

Variance is used to add standard deviations when comparing two samples or populations.Variance is simply Std^2.The formula for obtaining Std is dependent on the type of sample taken\ hypothesis test performed i.e. 2-proportion pop/sample, single proportion, poussin, binomial, etc. Full Answer

When do you use an F test?

When testing the sums of squares of variables which are independently identically distributed as normal variables. One of the main uses of the F-test is for testing for the significance of the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) or of covariance. Full Answer