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How do you make a toy frog?

you'll need: 2 square building blocks, one piece of paper, and a pair of dice. First fold the piece of paper in half. Next trace the edge of the building block on to the paper. Then cut along the line… Full Answer

Songs containing the word 'all'?

* All Shook Up, Elvis Presley * Against All Odds, Phil Collins * All In A Day, The Corrs * All In Love is Fair, Stevie Wonder * All For Love, Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart * All She Wants… Full Answer

Is the the word all a pronoun?

Yes, 'all' is an indefinite pronoun when used as an indefinite amount or things such as 'All is forgiven.' or 'All I want...'. But 'all' is a noun when it is used for a total of everything such as 'All… Full Answer