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Who wrote the song 'turn down day'?

It was performed in the 1960's by a group called "The Cyrkle." David Blume, a composer, record producer and folk dance club owner wrote the 1966 hit "Turn Down Day. Lyrics were added by his writing partner Jerry Keller. Blume… Full Answer

Who wrote the song Red Rubber Ball?

Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley. Answer It was written in the mid-1960s. Words and Music by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley. Woodley was a member of the Australian pop group the Seekers. At that time Simon was performing as half… Full Answer

Where did the beatles perform in Chicago?

09/05/1964 - (8:30pm) The Beatles perform at The International Amphitheater here. All 18,000 available tickets for this performance had been sold before a single printed ad had been seen by the public. Songs performed are Twist and Shout, You Can't… Full Answer