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What gun uses ammo with headstamp rg 50 7?

Any weapon chamberd for that ammunition. Head stamps can ID caliber, maker, country or any combination thereof. rg refers to the manufacturer(radway green in England),the 50 stands for the year of manufacture(1950),not sure about the 7,I have some rg 49… Full Answer

What is names of some World War 1 guns?

Germans had Luger pistols and "broom handle" Mauser pistols, and Mauser rifles. Their machine guns were often called Maxim guns, after the designer, Hiram Maxim. The French had Lebel Rifles and Maxim machine guns. The French also had a light… Full Answer

How far does a 303 British shoot?

The matches at Bisley, shoot 100 yards, 300 yards and 1000 yards. No scope just iron peep sights. With the action glass bedded to just forward of the receiver, and the barrel free floated, accuracy of .5 MOA have been… Full Answer