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Why they made mummy tomb?

They made the mummy tomb for the dead Pharaoh because Egyptians believed that they mummy would come back to life. They called this the afterlife. They would fill the tomb with everything needed also little green statues that were myth-ed… Full Answer

Who found hatshepsut's mummy?

The mummy of Hatshepsut was originally discovered by Howard Carter in 1903 in a tomb now known as KV-60 in the Valley of the Kings. There where two mummies in this tomb and although the second mummy was removed in… Full Answer

What was the mummy ceremony?

The Mummy ceremony was held for the family of the deceased person after the mummification process was complete. During this ceremony, the casket in which the mummy is in is lowered into the tomb. Full Answer

What happened to cleopatras mummy?

Cleopatra's mummy was buried in her tomb -- wherever that is. As Cleo's tomb has not been found her mummy is either buried mostly intact in the land location where they are looking, or else it is wet and water-ruined… Full Answer

Did nefertiti have a tomb?

Nefertiti's tomb is somewhere in Amarna, it has not been found, however her mummy may be the KV35 "The Elderly Lady", as most of the features match her famous bust in Berlin, however, the mummy may be Tiye's. For, now… Full Answer

How many mummy movies are there?

In the Brendan Fraser series, there are three movies: The Mummy (1999), The Mummy Returns (2001) and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008 - with Maria Bello instead of Rachel Weisz). Other Mummy movies In addition to the… Full Answer