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What is fellowship in The Bible?

Fellowship is spending time with fellow believers and discussing God's word and also just spending time with people who share common beliefs and morals.

What is christian resurch and fellowship?

It is a home based fellowship. Kinda like a church but in a house and more fun and laidback. It is a ggroup dedicated to the correct interpretation of the bible. Very nice and friendly people. I'll ddefinitely go again.

How many parishes in India?

Advent Christian Conference Amazing Grace Ministries Anglican Church of India Apatani Christian Fellowship Apostolic Christian Assembly Apostolic Church of Pentecost Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle Apostolic Pentecostal Church Asia Evangelistic Fellowship Assam Baptist Convention Assemblies of Christ Church Assemblies of God Assemblies… Full Answer

Key practices of christianity?

Key practices of Christianity are reading the Bible. Praying to God. Worship in whatever form you may. Attending a church to fellowship with other believers.

How does BSF International work?

BSF International stands for Bible Study Fellowship. People can sign up for courses and volunteering opportunities by visiting their official website and contacting them.