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Are ghost rial?

no one knows for sure. ghostbusters show some pretty real evidence sometimes but nothing to know for sure, if your real interested, you should watch ghostbusters. Full Answer

Are the ghostbusters real?

No....but in a way....yes. There are groups of paranormal investigators who look for scientific evidence of ghosts, although they don't "bust" them like the Ghostbusters do. For that, a priest is usually called in to perform an exorcism.because ghostbusters is… Full Answer

Will 'Ghostbusters 3' be in CGI?

No. The TV series "The Real Ghostbusters" was animated, but a live-action sequel was always the plan. "Ghostbusters 3" was in limbo for 25 years, and was replaced by a reboot with a female cast in 2016. Ghostbusters: Answer The… Full Answer