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What was Cat Stevens biggest hits?

Cat Stevens had a number of hits, including those he wrote that were recorded by others, such as "Here Comes My Baby," by the Tremeloes. Hits under his own name include "Moonshadow," "The Boy with the Moon and the Star,"… Full Answer

Songs that protested the Vietnam war?

To name a few: 1. Country Joe & the Fish-"What are we fighting for? stop is Vietnam..." 2. Christie & the Tremeloes-"Yellow River" 3. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young-"Ohio" 4. CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival)-"Run thru the jungle" 5. Sonny &… Full Answer

Bands from the 60's?

Beatles, The Animals, The Who, Simon and Garfunkle, Peter, Paul and Mary, Birds, Yardbirds, Jefferson Airplane, Shirells, Supremes, Elvis, Cream, CCR, Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Neil Diamond, Troggs, Peter and Gordon, The Zombies, The Hollies, Dave Clark… Full Answer

How did The Beatles get started as a band?

i didn't know what in particular you wanted so i give you the timeline BChanges to band line-up/nameLLife events (including births, deaths, weddings, and divorces)PAPerformance: auditionPCPerformance: concertPRPerformance: radio broadcastPTPerformance: TV broadcastRARecord release: albumRERecord release: EPRFFilm or video releaseRGVideo game releaseRSRecord… Full Answer