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What is copper thermite?

Copper thermite is a type of thermite where instead of the iron oxide, copper oxide is used instead. The reaction produces pure copper metal, but this thermite gets a little more splattery than the iron thermite. Full Answer

Does thermite work in space?

Thermite has its own oxygen source so it can burn without an outer source of oxygen, including underwater and in the vacuum of space. However, I do doubt that thermite can burn in space, since space is quite cold. It… Full Answer

Is thermite an explosive?

Thermite is not an explosive. However, most types of thermite, especially copper, burns very hot and fast, and can splatter molten metal all over the place. It doesn't go boom like a pack of TNT, but it is still pretty… Full Answer

What are the products of thermite?

For the classical iron oxide and aluminum thermite, the products of the reaction are aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and iron (Fe). However, there are many kinds of thermite, but they always produce the pure metal from the oxide. Full Answer