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What is the definition of the term 'thermogenesis'?

The term "thermogenesis" is used in the context of production of heat within organisms like animals or humans. Thermogenesis can also occur in plants. More information can be found in the related Wikipedia article entitled "Thermogenesis".

What is adaptive thermogenesis?

Adaptive Thermogenesis: This can be defined as the regulated production of heat in response to environmental changes in temperature and diet, resulting in metabolic inefficiency. For example, shivering when we are cold uses energy and this is an example of… Full Answer

What is the Primary function of brown fat?

Heat production in the absence of shivering is called nonshivering thermogenesis. This is the major function of brown adipose tissue (brown fat). (Human Physiology 12th edition Stuart Ira Fox <p667>)

What happens to the sugar in your body?

it is used by your body as fuel for all your cells. some people suggest that if you don't burn off the calories from carbohydrates (sugar) it will turn into fat. this isn't true however, it all gets turned into… Full Answer

Words that use 'therm'?

Therm, thermal, thermic, Thermidor, thermion, thermistor, thermit, thermobaric, thermochemical, thermochromic, thermocline, thermocouple, thermodynamic, thermoelastic, thermoelectric, thermoforming, thermogenesis, thermogram, thermograph, thermokarst, thermolabile, thermoluminescent, thermolysis, thermometer, thermonuclear, thermophile, thermophotovoltaic, thermoplastic, Thermopylae, thermoregulate, Thermos, thermoset, thermosphere, thermostable, thermostat, thermotaxis, thermotropic, nethermost, Mothermayi

What are the six functions of fat in the body?

there are loads: 1. Structural- phospholipids form bilayer that make up membranes of cells 2. Fuel -Oxidation of fatty acids releases ATP 3. Signalling - Lipids are precursors to messenger molecules such as prostglandins, leukotrienes and thromboxanes. 4. Insulation- adipose… Full Answer

Does green tea helps weight loss?

It's an antioxidant so it naturally cleanses the body, enabling it to handle upkeep more efficiently. Also a December 1999 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition printed a study which said "Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond… Full Answer

What are some words that begin with gram or therm?

Gram gramin grammar grammatology grammatical grams grammarians grammes grammalogue gramaphonic gramme graminaceous grampus grammy grammarless graminivorous gramophones gramicidin gramineous grammatically grammarian grammies grammatologists gramophone grammars grama grampuses grammatologist grammaticalness Therm thermoplastics thermotaxis thermonuclear thermodynamic thermoluminescence thermostatically thermotonometer thermolabile thermotactic thermobarograph… Full Answer