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Where is the camshaft sensor on a 97 Blazer Wasn't bad before changing head gasket could it have gotten messed it up?

Answer . You didn't say what size engine you have, but in most cases, when the manufactures switched over to coil packs vice distributers, they replaced the Distributer wi ( Full Answer )
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You messed up on your digital camera and ended up deleting all your pictures from your card you doubt this is possible but is there anyway of restoring the photos?

Answer . \nIt may be possible to recover the files, but it depends on the type of camera, how you deleted them what you have done since. There are programs which can unde ( Full Answer )
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How can you prove to a guy you really care about him after you messed up?

Answer . Once you have broken 'trust' with any relationship it's difficult to earn it back. If he is willing to give you a second chance (we all make mistakes) then it will ( Full Answer )
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Why is the world so messed up?

It is not the world that is messed up, but the people who live in it. If there were no 'messed up' people, than the world would be nearly perfect.
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How do you get arces with out messing up the game?

u need mystery gift go to the 3rd floor of the jubilife tv station at the back of the room farthest away from the stairs and there is a man and a woman talk to the man hell as ( Full Answer )
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Your psp is messed up?

then buy AA new one................ fat psp is 129.99 and the slim is 199.99.................... or you can just send it to "SONY" they'll fiz it for you..........but it will ( Full Answer )
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Does World of Warcraft mess up your computer?

The official game of World of Warcraft provided by Blizzard Entertainment does not negatively impact computers that are otherwise healthy and meet the system requirements for ( Full Answer )
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Does RuneScape mess up your computer?

If you dont have windows vista then yes, it will seriously slow down your computer and if you dont have fully installed anti spy-ware programming is not a good idea to play ru ( Full Answer )
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Why is the world messed up?

Humans. . Lack of money. . Danece again, . If u really think about it its money that messd up the world. Also all of the expensive things in the world.
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What do you do if the tail of your skateboard messes up?

glue that sh*t back together, get the duck tape and shred that b*tchhh. actually, you need to get a new skateboard. you cant put wood back together. here are some issues you ( Full Answer )
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How does alcohol mess up your body?

Alcohol can "mess up" a person's body if he or she repeatedly abuses it, especially if done so over a period of decades,
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What are dodges biggest mess ups?

Dodge's biggest mess ups includes the Ultradrive transmission on the Dodge Caravans, the 2.7 liter V-6 and coil springs on their 1/2 ton RAM pickups. This is a matter open to ( Full Answer )
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How do you mess up someones computer?

Well my sister broke our first computer using a giant magnet, lol but if I was you I wouldn't wreck someones computer as you will end up paying for it.
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I messed up my eyebrows HELP?

If you've overplucked your eyebrows, purchase an eyebrow pencil close to your hair, and natural brow colour and fill in with short feathery strokes. If you're having problems ( Full Answer )
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What are the signs of a messed up crank?

Start the car, let it run for about ten seconds, then turn it off. Then as soon as the motor has stopped spinning, start it again. If the crank bearings or journals are bad, t ( Full Answer )
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Where are pictures on novels gotten from?

They are sometimes found in a dictionary. Now go pick one up and re post this. Normally publishers have an Artist take a picture or draw something that relates to the book ( Full Answer )
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Will doxepin mess you up?

First off, it is not a benzo. It is a Try-cyclic antidepressant. It's not going to give you a feeling that xanax or clonazepam would. It is a very different high that will end ( Full Answer )
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Did I mess up what ever friendship we had?

Depends on what you did. You should know the answer to this better than anyone. If you did something wrong, apologize to the person and ask if you can still be friends. They m ( Full Answer )
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Why do you sometimes have messed up dreams?

Dreams reflect what is on your mind; people who feel a lot of anxiety may have messed up dreams. Dreams also speak in symbols and metaphors. For example, when a bald eagle a ( Full Answer )
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Does spinning mess up your brain?

Ok, I'll try to answer this quickly and simply. Your vision is a precise thing. Your eyes have to put a lot of work into giving you a clear sight; with your retinas clickin ( Full Answer )
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Why is Justin Bieber messed up?

He's not messed up. He is succeeding in his career and making a lot of money.

Is LEGO annoying if you mess up?

Lego can be frustrating at times if something goes wrong, but on the whole, no they aren't annoying.
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How do you prove to your friend that your sorry when you messed things up?

it depends on how you messed things up... But if you're really close to your friend then you just take them apart from everyone and apologize sincerely, I can't help you out h ( Full Answer )
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Will the sauna mess up your phone?

yess it would, it aleady hapened to me twice, specialy if you stay there for more than 30 mins
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Why is Free Realms messed up?

Free Realms is a popular site, therefore, the servers that get Free Realms to everyone's computer gets overloaded and crashes, causing glitches or server shutdowns. This can b ( Full Answer )