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What is the symbolism of crossroads or train tracks?

Answer . An intersection. Beyond the physical intersection it is a place where the divine or supernatural and the natural or earthly intersect. A place where humans go to m ( Full Answer )
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How do you train for track?

RUN! and do plyometrics, ...and run more.... and do many sprints. sometimes weight training helps too. -Eurekax3 I agree. Defiantly run...A LOT! Also do some hurtles jus ( Full Answer )
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Why can a train not run on flooded tracks?

The engineer can't see if the tracks are washed out. But, even if it is very shallow and he can see the tracks, the steel wheels will have little traction on the steel track w ( Full Answer )
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Why are rocks underneath train tracks?

I'm guessing to keep a the ground drier because the water runs off easily? +++ The "rocks" are called in total, "ballast". It does not keep the underlying ground drier bec ( Full Answer )
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What is the price per ton crushed limestone?

The average cost of a ton of crushed limestone is between $27.50and $38.20. The cost varies in different areas dependent upon theavailability of limestone in that area.
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What is the difference between a 'ton' a 'short ton' a 'long ton' a 'metric ton' and a 'ton'?

Ton/Short ton/Net ton: 2000 lbs (US and metric systems) Long ton/Gross Ton: 2240 lbs (US and metric systems) Tonne/Metric ton: 2250 lbs or 1000 kg (metric system only) . +++ ( Full Answer )
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How does a train change tracks?

the subway train actually has a person driving it but the trains nowadays don't have anyone driving them. there's a person who controls them in his station usually the first s ( Full Answer )
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Do train tracks rust?

Rails are made of iron and will rust over time if there is no rail traffic over the rails for an extended period of time. Rust is caused by oxygen and water and other componen ( Full Answer )
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How do they put train track braces on?

to begin with, the orthodontist clean your teeth for you and polish it with some weird liquid. then they apply some very nasty tasting, clear, cement like glue on your teeth a ( Full Answer )
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How do they put a train on the train tracks?

Trains are built sort of like cars. They do each piece individually. They will either be built on the track or will be lifted by crane onto the service track that leads out of ( Full Answer )
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Do train tracks braces hurt?

Yes very pain full when i got them they hurt at first then after a while they felt better
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How a train track helps a train move?

it causes friction, thus causing a force to push the track +++ Friction (actually called "adhesion" in railway parlance) gives the necessary grip between driving-wheel an ( Full Answer )
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Typical price for crushed rock per ton?

Some rocks cost 100 times more than others - and that's just plain rocks, not gems. So pick a rock, any rock.
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How do you train for track and field?

Basically, RUN. Running is great for the heart and it brings strength to all parts of your body, including your brain. Even if you aren't training for a field event, it is a g ( Full Answer )
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How should you train for track and field?

It depends on what races you are doing. If you are a sprinter you should build muscle especially in the core and legs and arms. But mainly you must run everyother day and don' ( Full Answer )
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How trains wheels stay on track?

The wheels have flanges on the inside edges, they keep the wheels on the rail. The wheels would not stay on the tracks without the flanges.
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What is a single train train track called?

It is normally called a 'single track'. The alternative is when two or more tracks run in parallel, this is called a 'double track' or a 'multiple track'.
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How are train tracks repaired?

They normally don't have to repair train tracks. They normally replace the trail road ties that they are nailed to.
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How many rocks do you have to crush to make a ton?

A ton is not a numerical unit, that it to say, if I have a ton of rock, I will not have 82. A ton is a unit of weight, equal to 2000 (short ton, US) or 2240 (long ton, UK pre ( Full Answer )
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Why is galvanising not used for train tracks?

At first i thought it was because they would take far too long and the tracks would never be built. even though zinc is fairly cheap it would cost a fortune to o a track
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What makes a ford half ton track a half ton?

the weight of the cargo in the bed of the truck. example a f-150 half ton can hold 1000 lbs f-250 3/4 ton can hold 1500 lbs f-350 1 ton 2000 lbs.
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Can you eat a train track?

Technically yes, however it may cause some serious problems to your health i do not recommend even attempting to eat in a solid state as your teeth would simply break. Perha ( Full Answer )
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How can you keep your train from jumping the tracks?

The way a person can keep their train from jumping the tracks is to make sure the tracks are well maintained. This means the tracks should always be on a level and cleaned sur ( Full Answer )
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Do streetcars ride on train tracks?

Yes . Streetcars (more commonly known as trams or Light Rail) use the same sort of tracks as normal trains. The only difference is that when they are running along streets ( Full Answer )
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What do trains do if a large snow is on the track?

They use a large snowplough, mounted on the front of an engine, to clear the snow off the tracks. Unlike road vehicles, a small amount of snow is not a problem. the wheels ( Full Answer )
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Why is the distance between two train tracks is 4 feet 8 and a half inch?

There is clearly a great advantage in railways being on the same gauge. Rolling stock can be moved seamlessly offering interoperability between railway companies.. In 1846 t ( Full Answer )
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What is track for train?

It holds the train in as a trail and guides it with metal bars at the end of wood planks to keep the wheels in.
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How can a train change track as it has no steering in it?

Trains run on tracks, and these tracks guide where the train goes. When tracks join or divide there are small sections of movable track called 'points'. These can be moved to ( Full Answer )
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Why do trains run only on track?

Trains are real heavy, and need a strong surface to support them.If you'd lift a train off the track and put it on the ground it'dsink to its axles. The rails and the sleepers ( Full Answer )
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Why do people walk on the train tracks?

People walk on train tracks for different reasons. Some people walk on tracks because it's a shorter distance to get where they are going. Some people may walk on train tracks ( Full Answer )
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Why do train tracks sit on rocks?

The rocks called "ballast" provides a cushion that the ties areembedded in. The ballast can shift some as trains pass over whilekeeping the ties locked in position so that the ( Full Answer )