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What are the symptoms of thrombocytosis?

Enlargement of the spleen is detected in 60% of patients with thrombocytosis. The liver may also be enlarged. As many as half of all patients experience bleeding from the skin, gums, or nose; and 20-50% have some blockage of veins. Full Answer

What causes high platelet levels in blood?

A. Thrombocytosis is the presence of high platelet counts in the blood, and can be either reactive or primary (also termed essential and caused by a myeloproliferative disease). Increase platelet counts can be due to a number of disease processes… Full Answer

What factors can cause high platelet count?

Factors that can cause a high platelet count are conditions like cancer, iron-deficiency anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disorder, pancreatitis, tuberculosis, and certain medication. When high platelet counts are high, the medical term for this condition is thrombocytosis. Full Answer