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Who is in the movie eclipse?

In Eclipse the Movie, Kristen Stewart plays Bella, Robert Pattinson plays Edward (FIT), Taylor Lautner plays Jacob, Billy Burke plays Charlie, Ashley Greene plays Alice, Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper, Nikki Reed plays Rosalie, Kellan Lutz plays Emmet, Elizabeth Reaser plays… Full Answer

What are the voices in Beverly hills chihuahua?

Drew Barrymore is plays Chloe. George Lopez plays Papi. Andy Garcia plays Delgado. Cheech Marin plays Manuel. Paul Rodriguez plays Chico. Placido Domingo plays Monte. Edward James Olmos plays El Diablo. Loretta Divine plays Delta. Michael Urie plays Sebastian. Luis… Full Answer

Who are the cast members of The Troop?

The cast members of Nickelodeon's The Troop are Gage Golighty who is Hayley Steele, Nicholas Purcell who plays as Jake Collins, David Del Rio who plays as Felix Garcia, Matt Shively who plays Kirby, Malese Jow who plays Cadencie and… Full Answer

Who are the cast members in Bizaardvark?

The actors and actresses that are on Bizaardvark are Madison Hu who plays Frankie Wong, Olivia Rodrigo who plays Paige Olvera, DeVore Ledridge who plays Amelia Duckworth, Jake Paul who plays Dirk Mann, Ethan Wacker who plays Bernard "Bernie" Schotz… Full Answer

Who plays draculara on Monster High?

Selena Gomez plays draculara and Miley Cyrus plays lagoona and demi lavato plays Frankie and david Henrie plays the fire guy and vannsea hugdens plays cleo de nile and Taylor laughtner plays deuce. hope i helped

Who are the casts for glee?

Dianna Agron plays Quinn Fabray Cory Monteith plays Finn Hudson Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry Jenna Ushkowitz plays Tina Kevin McHale plays Artie Amber Riley plays Mercedes Jones Chris Colfer plays Kurt Hummel Matthew Morrison plays Will Schuester Jayma Mays… Full Answer

Who are Even Steven cast members?

The cast members in "Even Stevens" are Shia LaBeouf who plays Louis Stevens, Christy Carlson Romano who plays Ren Stevens, Nick Spano who plays Donnie Stevens, Tom Virtue who plays Steve Stevens, Donna Pescow who plays Eileen Stevens, A.J. Trauth… Full Answer

Who are the cast members of The Thundermans?

The cast members of The Thundermans are Kira Kosarin who plays Phoebe Thunderman, Jack Griffo who plays Max Thunderson, Addsion Riecke who plays Nora Thunderman, Diego Velazquez who plays Billy Thundermax, Chris Tallman who plays Hank Thunderman and Rosa Blasi… Full Answer

Who are the cast members of Degrassi High?

Degrassi High's cast members are Angela Deiseach as Erica and Maureen Deisach as Heather, Amanda Stepto is the one that plays Spike, Stefan Brogren plays Snake, David Armin-Parcells plays Claude, Stacie Mistysyn is the one that plays Caitlin, Pat Mastroianni… Full Answer