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What has the author Edwin R Wallace written?

Edwin R. Wallace has written: 'Freud and anthropology' -- subject(s): Ethnophilosophy, Ethnopsychology, Neuroses, Psychoanalysis and anthropology, Taboo, Totemism 'Descriptive guide to the Adirondocks' -- subject(s): Description and travel. 'Historiography and causation in psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Historiography, Methodology, Psychoanalysis Full Answer

What book did Sigmund Freud write?

Freud wrote several books during his career. Among them are: Studies on Hysteria The Interpretation of Dreams The Psychopathology of Everyday Life Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious Totem and Taboo Introduction to Psychoanalysis The Ego and the Id… Full Answer

What has the author John E Gedo written?

John E. Gedo has written: 'The biology of clinical encounters' -- subject(s): Psychoanalysis, Psychobiology 'The languages of psychoanalysis' -- subject(s): Psychotherapist and patient, Semiotics, Psychoanalysis, Interpersonal communication 'Psychoanalysis and Is Discontents' 'Beyond interpretation' -- subject(s): Case studies, Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalytic Theory… Full Answer

What are totem poles made from?

Depending on where the totem pole was made, or what culture it came from, totem poles where made from diffrent materials. Indians where most commonly known for wooden totem poles, but mayans totem poles where made from stones, like limestone. Full Answer

Why was Sigmund Freud important to history?

Whether or not Sigmund Freud was actually important to history is debatable. However, his theory of psychoanalysis to interpret the psyche and explain inner drives and behaviors can be applied to history. One example occurs in "Thomas Woodrow Wilson: A… Full Answer