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Is silk made from cotton?

Silk is not made from cotton. Silk is produced from silkworms and is a protein fibre (coming from animal but in this case, insect). Cotton and silk have different textures. Silk is smooth and cold to the touch where as… Full Answer

How do you mine ice in minecraft?

You need to have the Silk Touch enchantment on your pickaxe, to be able to mine certain blocks instead of destroying them. With Silk Touch you can mine Ice, mine things like Diamond Ore instead of Diamonds, blocks of dirt… Full Answer

Why is silk so soft?

Thank you for the question. Well as far as I know from the documentary movie as The Silk Road, the soft sense of touch has a direct relationship with its ingredients including silk, tussah silk, silk cassava, etc. The silk… Full Answer

What does silk touch do on minecraft?

Many blocks turn into something else when they are broken - smooth stone turns to cobblestone, dirt with grass turns into regular dirt, diamond ore turns to diamonds, for example. What silk touch does is lets you mine the original… Full Answer

Is silk a natural fiber or a man made fiber?

Natural, although you wouldn't want to touch it in its natural state. Silk is a cousin to spiderwebs; both are natural fibrous secretions from bugs. It takes a LOT of processing to convert bug spit into fine clothing; so, the… Full Answer

Where can silk bedding be bought?

Silk Bedding can be bought at the following companies :- Bed Bath and Beyond, Simo Silk, Amazon, Lightning Audio, Lova Silk, Jasmine Silk, Manito Silk, Elle Silk, Summit Silk Bedding, Ginger Lily and Lilly Silk. Full Answer