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What is a mutant Neopet?

A Mutant Neopet is a Neopet affected by a Transmogrification Potion, which turns a Neopet in a Mutant of the respective species of the potion. You can only get a Transmogrification Potion via a Random Event where Dr. Sloth gives… Full Answer

How do vampires turn in to a bat?

by open their arms wider with the capes and then transform into a bat. Transmogrification is not a given ability on becoming a vampire. Count Dracula could do this because, in addition to being a vampire, he was also a… Full Answer

How do you get a trans potion on Neopets?

Trans (Transmogrification) Potions come into the game from random events as gifts from Dr. Sloth to individual players. If you don't want to wait for such a random event of your own, you have to buy them from other players… Full Answer

What does Islam say about Hinduism?

Transmogrification is not accepted in Islam. Islam strongly says there is only one life for each human and after death there is no chance for backing to this world. Koran says: [For such is the state of the disbelievers], until… Full Answer

Do men find Amanda bynes attractive?

I won't speak for all men, notwithstanding the probability that I could - the answer is positively yes! Amanda Bynes is extremely attractive, physically speaking, and that is only aggrandized by her very attractive personality. Amanda Bynes has a cartoonish… Full Answer

Do vampires turn into bats?

Vampires are fictional characters, but in the context of the fiction, yes they can. Answer There is however a bat in South America. This bat is known as the Vampire bat. It survives by drinking the blood of mammals while… Full Answer