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Has Feminism gone too far?

No, feminism hasn't just not gone too hasn't gone far enough. Feminism is the movement for gender equality, intersectional feminism also seeks to rid the world of other forms of inequality such as racism, homophobia, and transphobia. It is… Full Answer

What important things have happened on May 17th?

Below are some of the important events: Birthday of the Raja (Perlis) Christian Feast Day: Paschal Baylon Restituta May 17 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Constitution Day (Nauru and Norway) Earliest date on which Trinity Sunday can fall, while June 20 is… Full Answer

What is radical feminism?

Radical Feminism is the belief that women's oppression is caused by the patriarchy, which is a system of male authority that is especially manifested in sexuality, personal relationships, and the family, but that spills over into the rest of the… Full Answer

Does the US still need feminism?

Yes, the United States still needs feminism - if anything it needs feminism more than ever. Feminism is a movement that is concerned with womens equality, currently there are many people seeking to strip women of their basic human rights… Full Answer