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How do you cure transvestism?

Transvestitism isn't a disease so it isn't 'curable.' If you have transvestite tendencies that disturb you the best course of action is to just try and ignore them. Full Answer

What Pink Floyd song was banned?

Another Brick in the Wall was banned in South Africa beause the Government thought it was anti educational so they banned it. Also the possibily of Arnold Layne being banned in this country because they didnt like the thought of… Full Answer

What percent of men who cross-dress are gay?

Because transvestism is so highly stigmatized in most cultures, it is difficult to get a true percentage of the population who engages in crossdressing. However, what studies have found is that, it appears that actually most crossdressers are heterosexual men… Full Answer

What movies do girls pretend to be boys?

I never heard of this, except maybe in an historical sense with Cowgirls or characters like Calamity Jane. Girls attempting male roles- such as Mulan and Joan of Arc were still l00% female and had their armor altered to protect… Full Answer

Can a transvestite be cis-gendered?

Yes. Many transvestites wear cisgendered clothing in their day-to-day lives, but only wear other-gendered clothing when they are alone, it's a special occasion, or when they feel like dressing up. Some, however, prefer to predominately dress in their other-gendered clothing… Full Answer

What is fetishistic transvestism?

Fetishistic Transvestites are people who are aroused by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. They will often have a fetish for a particular garmet such as shoes, stockings or underwear. Fetishes are compelling fascinations with certain clothing, body parts… Full Answer

What has the author Robert J Stoller written?

Robert J. Stoller has written: 'Sexual excitement' -- subject(s): Case studies, Women, Hostility (Psychology), Sexual fantasies, Sexual excitement, Sexual behavior, Psychoanalysis, Hostility, Fantasy, Symbolism (Psychology), Sex Behavior, Paraphilias 'Sex and Gender (International Psycho-Analysis Library)' 'Sweet dreams' -- subject(s): Sex (Psychology)… Full Answer