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What is jaquez?

My father's first ancestor in America was Gil Jaquez, who left Spain around 1600 AD and settled at Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico. His descendants migrated northward to Durango, Chihuahua, and New Mexico by the early 1700's. In Spain, the origin of… Full Answer

Words that end with the suffix -ade?

abrade accolade aggrade alcade alidade ambuscade aquacade arcade aubade autocade autostrade bade ballade balustrade barricade bastinade bigarade biodegrade blade blockade brigade brocade cade camisade cannonade carbonade carbonnade carronade cascade cavalcade centigrade chamade charade chiffonade clade cockade colonnade comade comrade corrade… Full Answer

What word can be made from the letters fscrdtare?

There are no English 9 letter words that can be made with the given letters. The longest possible words are 8 letters long: refracts, drafters, redrafts Drafters redrafts refracts carders carters crafted craters darters drafter farcers fracted fraters rafters redacts… Full Answer

What 5 letter word starts with t?

Here are a list of 5 letter words: tabby taber tabes tabid tabla table taboo tabor tabun tabus taces tacet tache tachs tacit tacks tacky tacos tacts taels taffy tafia tahrs taiga tails tains taint tajes takas taken taker takes… Full Answer

What words have the letter a in the middle of them?

abaca, abaci, aback, abaft, abaka, abamp, abase, abash, abate, abaya, acari, adage, adapt, afars, again, agama, agape, agars, agate, agave, agaze, alack, alamo, aland, alane, alang, alans, alant, alarm, alary, alate, amahs, amain, amass, amaze, apace, apart, araks, arame, ataps… Full Answer

What are five letter words that end in e?

abase, abate, abele, abide, abode, above, abuse, ackee, acute, adage, addle, adobe, adore, adoze, aerie, afire, afore, agape, agate, agave, agaze, agene, aggie, agile, aglee, agone, agree, aisle, akene, alane, alate, algae, alike, aline, alive, alkie, alone, amaze, amble, amice… Full Answer