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What is tubshvat?

Tu Bishvat is an acronym for the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month of Shevat (this year it comes out on February 8). This day is the New Year for trees, marking the start of a new year for halakhot… Full Answer

A tree holiday?

There are many tree festivals: Arbor day - Secular holiday Christmas - Christian holiday Yule - Wiccan holiday Tu B'Shvat (Tu Bishvat) - Jewish Arbor Day / Festival of Trees / New Year of Tree Bodhi Day - Buddhists celebrate… Full Answer

What is Judaism's special food?

On the Sabbath and various festivals, certain foods are eaten, such as wine (Purim and other occasions), challah bread (Sabbath), fish, especially gefilte fish, dairy (Hanukkah and Shavuoth), matzoh (Passover), apples and honey (Rosh Hashanah), fruits (Tu Bishvat), and more… Full Answer