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What is radar tuning?

Radar receivers have to be tuned to the precise frequency of the transmitter, in order to get the best detection and thus the best picture. The transmitter generates microwaves from a device called a magnetron. The exact frequency can vary… Full Answer

What is the purpose of a RF receiver?

The purpose of an RF (Radio Frequency) receiver is to listen to or get information from a particular radio frequency. This information can be in the form of music or conversation. This was used in the past to communicate between… Full Answer

How does radio work?

Like a glass that resonates with sound To understand how a radio receives signals, it helps to compare it to how a glass shatters when a singer hits a specific note: When the vibrations in the air match that particular… Full Answer

Function of radio receiver?

A radio receiver is an electronic device that receives radio wave/signal and convert the information carried by them to a usuable form through speaker. The principal functions of a radio receiver are frequency selection, amplification and detection of signals which… Full Answer

What is the meaning of modulated wave?

Modulation is where an electronic signal (base) is combined with another electronic signal (carrier). The base could be audio, video or digital. The carrier is the frequency that a receiver (radio or television) is tuned to. The modulated wave is… Full Answer

What is carrier frequency?

A carrier frequency is a single radio frequency with steady amplitude. Alone, it would sound like silence on a receiver. This is the frequency that a radio receiver is tuned into. To be of use in communication, this carrier wave… Full Answer