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Do sisyphus have kids?

Yes: by Tyro he had two sons (which Tryo killed), by Anticleia he supposedly had Odysseus and Aesimus, by Merope the daughter of Atlas he had Glaucus, Thersander, Halmus, and Ornytion.

What is the species of a kookaburra?

Kookaburras are kingfishers, and there are four species: Laughing Kookaburra - Dacelo novaeguineae Blue-winged kookaburra - Dacelo leachii Spangled kookaburra - Dacelo tyro Rufous-bellied kookaburra - Dacelo gaudichaud

Who were Poseidon wifes?

Poseidon was only married to Amphitrite, but he did have many mates. Medusa Demeter Thoosa Iphimedeia Tyro Pheriboia Amimone Pitane Euryale Also, he could have possibly mated with Aithra. Poseidon had asked Aphrodite to marry him, but she said no.

Who was the sister of cadmus?

Agenor with Telephassa, Argiope, Antiope, Cassiopeia, Epimedusa, or Tyro had Cadmus, Europa, Cilix, Carme, Childanope, Phoenix, and Thasus. Damno had with Agenor, Phoenix and two daughters Isaia and Melia; Agenor fathered Cadmus with Argiope, daughter of Neilus.

Who is Poseidons children and wife?

His children were:Eumolpus,Pelias and Neleus,Hippothoon,Theseus,Nauplius,Arion,Triton,Polyphemus,Alebion,Bergion,Otos Ephialtae,Chrysaor,Pegasis His wifes and mother of his children:Amphitrite,Tyro,Alope,Amymone,Caeneus,Demeter,Medusa,Thoosa,and Iphimedia

Original maps for gears of war?

For Gears 1, and this is off the top of my head, so I might forget one or two: Gridlock, Canals, Mausoleum, Clocktower, War Machine, Escalation, Mansion, Fuel Depot, Rooftops, Tyro Station. Then there were two downloadable packs but I…