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Business umbrella insurance?

Umbrella or Excess Insurance provides an extra layer of limits, Usually sold in $1,000,000 increments above your current primary General Liability, Auto Liability and/or Worker's Compensation policies carried by a business. In NJ contact William J. Zester - VP MPPI… Full Answer

What type of insurance has a sir deductible?

SIR stands for self insured retention. It is a deductible applied to some liability policies. The term deductible is used for insurance that covers property losses, such as the insurance that would replace your house if it burned down. Retention… Full Answer

What type of liability insurance can you get to lease a commercial building for personal non-business use or is an umbrella policy from your homeowners liability insurance enough for the landlord?

Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add the new location to the liability section of your… Full Answer

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines. Full Answer