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What is a deutschbag?

The term "duetshbag" is a german based term. It referes to a male individual (German), who is full of himself as if, he knows everything and is vulgar, disrespectful, rough, and uncouth. Full Answer

What is a couth?

No such thing. English has the word "uncouth" which means unsophisticated, ignorant, discourteous and bad-mannered. But there is not really a word "couth" and if there were it would not be a noun but rather an adjective. Full Answer

What does Neanderthal mean?

It refers to the bones of ancient man found in 1857 at Neandertal, a valley near Dusseldorf, Germany; these were accordingly called 'Homo neanderthalensis' . You can also refer to someone as ' neanderthal' if they are primitive, uncivilized, uncouth… Full Answer