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Who was the founder of rugby league?

There was cactually no one person that founded the league code . It WAS however a group of North England rugby union clubs which broke away from the union code because they wanted to pay its players and the ameture… Full Answer

Where did rugby league start?

The game was originally UNION code. However the clubs in North England Such as Leeds and Hull found that many of its players were leaving the north seeking employment in the south due to the massive unemployment of the time… Full Answer

Where did rugby league get its name?

When rugby was formalised it became known as the Rugby Football Union (RFU). When a group of northern clubs found that many of its top players in the armature game were moving south for jobs to earn money and this… Full Answer

What did they use to invent rugby league?

The league code came about when (UK) northern clubs noticed that players were moving south, taking up employment and playing in the union code. This drained the northern union clubs. To halt this the northern unions wanted to pay players… Full Answer

Who created rugby league?

Rugby League was created by a group of north England clubs who broke away from the Rugby Union. This was because many players in the north moved south where there was more employment at the time. The northern clubs saw… Full Answer

Who made Rugby League?

The League code was originally Union. When players decided to move south Uk to look for work union teams in the south were getting the choice of great players. The north suggested that they helped stem the flow south by… Full Answer

Why did rugby become professional?

When Rugby split and became Union (the original code) and league it was because northern clubs which were all union at the time found that their best players were being "encouraged" to move south of the UK (where Rugby started… Full Answer