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Do Hindus drink cow urine?

Urine therapy is also a science and cow's urine has many such ingredients which have such medicinal qualities as laid in Ayurveda. Cow is worshipped by Hindus and is regarded and respected like one's mother. In Ayurveda cow's milk, curd… Full Answer

Is urine used in moisturizer?

eucerine uses animal urine in there products. Urine is actually very good for the skin. It causes skin to be softer and more vibrant. You develop a natural glow after using urine on your skin. First morning urine is the… Full Answer

How can urine effect body?

More than three million Chinese drink their own urine in the belief it is good for their health, according to the official Xinhua news agency. see link: Urine Therapy at bottom of page Full Answer

Why do you think Urine Therapy is disgusting and have you done any research on it - you might change your mind if you do - any INTELLIGENT input would be appreciated please?

People don't consciously choose to be disgusted. It is an inborn, instinctive reaction, not a mere attitude that can be changed by evidence. We are hardwired to find expelled bodily fluids disgusting. Even if you convince someone intellectually of the… Full Answer

What is restorative therapy?

restorative therapy is a therapy in which a patient trains on abilities they already have to perfect them, which in physical therapy and ocupational therapy, a patient gains abilities. Full Answer

What type of therapy will help arthritic hands?

There are several types of therapies available to help arthritic hands. The oldest therapy, originally used with TB patients is Gold Therapy, then there is ultra-low level sound therapy, LED therapy, Bowen therapy, holistic arthritis therapy, Aspirin therapy, bio-magnetic relief… Full Answer

What are treatments for spina bifida?

Aggressive surgical and medical management. Initial surgery.Subsequent surgery.physical therapy,bracing,and other orthopedic assistance.periodic bladder catheterization,surgical diversion of urine,and antibiotics are used to protect urinary function. Full Answer