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How to get out of an armbar?

To get out of an armbar you must grab your wrist and pull to the oppsosite side that the person who is arm barring you is pulling and then you will have loosened their grip and are able to get… Full Answer

How do you do the kamora?

When in half or full gaurd, pin the persons arm to the mat by their wrist. With your free hand, come under the opponents elbow/arm and grab a hold of your own wrist and pull back very hard and quickly. Full Answer

How do you catch a rabbit?

First off you want to feed it a carrot or something long and then while you do that bring the carrot towards you, turning your wrist in. When the rabbit is close enough for you to grab it, either drop… Full Answer

What is a double dutch rudder?

It's when you grab your penis with your right hand and your buddy grabs his penis with his right hand, then you use your left hand to grab his right arm and he uses his left hand to grab your… Full Answer