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Where did the USS Vestal get her name?

According to Wikipedia: she was named in 1905, well before her keel was laid, and her name changed again in 1945. The source of the name, however, is unclear. Notably, she floated beside the USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbour… Full Answer

How many vestal virgins were there?

When Numa Pompilius established the Vestal Virgins there were four. However, the number of Vestal Virgins was increased to six under Tulius, and by the disestablishment of the Vestal Virgins in the fourth century CE there were up to 18. Full Answer

History of uss dortch battleship?

USN battleships were named after US states; such as the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Nevada, USS New York, USS Texas, USS Tennessee, USS Oklahoma, USS Alabama, USS South Dakota, USS Washington, USS Mississippi, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, etc. Full Answer