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What is an agma?

An agma is a symbol used to represent the nasal velar consonant in IPA - similar to a hooked "n", the sound represents the "ng" of the word "sing". Full Answer

What is an ach-laut?

An ach-laut is the grammatical name for the voiceless velar fricative, most often used in reference to the German language, in words such as Bach, but also in other languages. Full Answer

Why do koalas make the sounds they make?

During mating season, koalas become very territorial. This is when they make an unusual growling or grunting sound, quite loud for such a small animal. They are also known to make loud bellows, snore-like grunts, snorts and wails. Thehe es… Full Answer

How do you beat bass?

First create a vocal bass line, and then add hyper-articulated voiced alveolar plosive and aspiration on beats 1 and 3 (in 4/4 time) /dm/ as well as adding a snare drum of a plosive voiceless velar /k/ or plosive voiceless… Full Answer

What is la vela?

'La vela' can mean many things. 'Vela' is a word centered in the "night watch." To stand guard at night is to 'velar.' The watch itself can also be called 'la vela.' In order to see at night, you need… Full Answer

What is register in linguistics?

In linguistics, a register is a variety of a language used for a particular purpose or in a particular social setting. For example, an English speaker may adhere more closely to prescribed grammar, pronounce words ending in -ing with a… Full Answer

What is Guatemala's pledge?

Bandera nuestra a ti juramos lealtad, peregne, honor, sacrificio, y esperanza hasta la hora de nuestra muerte, en el nombre de la sangre y la tierra juramos mantener tu excelsitud sobre todas las cosas, y los prósperos días y en… Full Answer