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What are venturing scouts?

Venturing is a program operated by the Boys Scouts of America for both boys and girls age 14-21. Many Venturing programs focus on high adventure, although some focus on different activities. Full Answer

Why did Boy Scouts let girls in?

Technically "The Boy Scouts" [as in Boy Scouts of America] have not let girls in. Girls cannot be Boy Scouts and they cannot earn ranks such as Eagle Scout. Venturing is a coed older program of the Boy Scouts of… Full Answer

Do you capitalized Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America is a formal name and should be capitalised. If you are describing an individual scout that is not a formal name.Example: Tommy became a boy scout when he offically joined the Boy Scouts of America. Full Answer

When did girls join Boy Scouts?

Girls can join what BSA calls Venturing at the age of 14 and having completed the 8th grade. See the Related Link below. The Boy Scouts of America Venturing Program began allowing female membership in 1969. Around the world, the… Full Answer