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Is there a vice president age limit?

Qualifications for U. S. Vice President are the same as those for U. S. President, since the Vice President's first responsibility is to be prepared to replace the President if necessary. Therefore, the Vice President must be at least 35.

Who swore vice president in?

The U. S. Constitution does not specify who is to swear in the U. S. Presidents and Vice Presidents, but traditionally it has been done by the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court.

Who was vice president in 1856?

There weren't any U. S. Vice Presidents during 1856. Vice-President Wm King died in office in 1853 and in those days, vacancies in the office of vice president were not filled until the next Presidential election.

Who was vice-president in 1945?

Henry Wallace was Vice President until January 20. Harry Truman was Vice President from January 20 until April 12. The office of the U. S. Vice President was vacant from April 12, 1945 until January 20, 1949.